It’s Spring Break for my kids and despite dreaming of an awesome vacation or tropical drinks in the sand or even the hell of Disneyland we went to my parents.   See, the man-child I live with (aka-husband type) had to “work”, and since I still don’t have a real job there was no chance I was staying at home with two restless kids.  Plus, what kind of “flat Stanley” story would that be for my first grader (why do teachers insist on the torture of these little projects).

The man-child deploys fairly soon and leaving him for the week was not ideal but again my sanity was at stake.  Off the kids and I went on a 6 hour car ride to my parents-whom at least live on the coast…a flipping cold coast, but the ocean nonetheless.

What occurred less than hour from leaving-my tire pressure light came on.  So I stopped at the first gas station and checked my pressure like a boss.  We made it safely despite almost throwing my daughter from a mountain top as she asked to pee  far too often.

At my parents house we gazed upon the water wishing for warmth and being hit in the face with freezing wind.  We ate too much, we went to the free pool cause it’s free, and played board games galore.  We had a great week actually.  Then my stupid FB told me that two years ago this week my family was in Rome…really FB?  Really?

Despite it all life is good.  I’m stuck with wanderlust disease to the max, but the kids had fun and I wasn’t having to entertain them 24/7.  Driving home tomorrow to restart the norm, prepare for single parent hood again, keep job searching, and trying to remember to be thankful for all we have (sometimes I succeed, sometimes I want to throw stuff all about in a toddler fit of “but why can’t I just feel settled”).  How was your Spring Break?


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