Making where you have to be a Home

In the military you may or may not be stationed a lot of different places.  Some people stay in one or maybe two places their entire career.  Some are constantly being moved.  Minus our overseas assignment every place we have moved to I have been told: “This is it…this is our last assignment!”  You would think I would have learned my lesson about 10 years ago, but I still believe it every time.  We stayed at our first duty station 7 years, then we went to our next one and bought our first house cause that was it, we weren’t leaving.  Seemed pretty plausible at the time.  A few short years later we were overseas.  After that assignment we went to a new place and THAT was definitely it…so we bought our second home.  HA…it was less than a year before we moved again.  Now we are in a new place and own two homes and there is no way in hell I am buying another!

So we are renting a strange townhouse, with plenty of space but awkward issues.  It is on a somewhat busy, somewhat “Hicksville” like road with too much traffic, but no neighborhood to speak of.  And it is dark and dingy.  After decided we were NOT going to buy AGAIN (which most definitely means we will not get orders ever) I decided it was time to embrace the strange and make it home.  First up…paint.  Paint is cheap and does wonders.  I asked the landlords and then went to town.  Light paint on the walls with a nice accent wall here and there can completely transform dark and dingy to light and somewhat airy.  Next, decals.  They make so many cool decals for the walls now and if you get bored with them you peel the suckers off!

New furniture is a nice touch if you can afford to, or need to!  New always makes your heart feel better.  Some flowers, or a garden can cheer up any dingy backyard or front porch.  New decor in general adds whimsy and delight!  Most importantly being creative.  you can’t fix a poor layout or the location of a reasonable rentals (yes rentals here are slim pickings and they are massively overpriced so you jump on what you can afford that pretty much works!  I hate the back yard and the chain link fence (why do people use chain link?) so I shall plant shrubs and flowers to help hide the ugly.

I dislike the layout, but I can be creative with how we use the space.  I cannot fix where we live, but I can explore where we live and if all else fails I can get in my damn car and drive to the nice parks, or walking trails.  Hell if you want to spend the money you can buy light fixtures that suit your taste more, or even appliances like washers and dryers if the ones that came with are below the bar.  CURTAINS can cover and add flare.  Replace the hardware on drawers or faucets.  It all depends on how much you want to spend to make a place feel like home that it isn’t yours.

If I invest too much we will get orders again…hell if I find a dream job we will too so best not chance it!


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